Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Bribble Hacker!

ok some nerd logged onto my bribble as a level and told me to go to these REALLY REALLY SICK GROSS SITES (I removed the links because there might be little kids coming to this blog and also they are so disturbing i dont think anyone wants to see them) anyways my point is i think the little jerk messed up my bribble! luckily our bribble mod ice box 10 knows a little about him he said hes 20-something years old hes a hacker and stuff. so this hacker guy he signed in as _level_Anus and he said I have just finished hacking your bribble then icebox told me to SHUT THE BRIBBLE DOWN NOW! and i think he said that because the hacker was about to send a virus to the bribble and stuff. if you know anything about this _level_Anus guy please tell me.



19 Responses to “Bribble Hacker!”

  1. He hacked my site and he will hack your pc. He also black mails you.

  2. OMG

  3. Ok I know how to stop hackers and I hav already put up blockers so the hackers can log on and chat but they cant hack They say they r but they realy arent. Also I was the 1 who told IB10 that the guy was 20 something he actually said to me he was 26

  4. damn that guy he sucks

  5. OMFG please delete the links they hurt my eyes!!!

  6. i know a bit about this guy….. he was once on my bribble signed on as ___________ and said bribble now hacked so shut that shit down

  7. *so I shut that shit down

  8. i know a couple of good hackers if you need some

  9. wat r the pictures, dont go into detail but give a summerization, plus if they bad, y give links

  10. what are the links about anyway
    and ANUS means butt

  11. yea i didnt see the sites was r they about

  12. if ya need a hacker im the guy 2 do tha job >=]

  13. im a hacker if you can get me any information on his pnguin he’ll know whats coming

  14. hes a n00b.

  15. Dude i remember that. i was there. and when he was saying a bunch of bad stuff my mom saw what she said and she said i can never go on that website again. But i told her that it never happens, so she let me go back on.

  16. omg really? well hes not going to haven… I HATE HIM NOW! the birbble is one of my fav sites to go on and chat wit my best freinds! darn that stupid hacker and if ur the hacker and reading this (laffing now i bet) well Darn you! cuz u SUCK! GET THE Hec OUT OF HERE!!!!

  17. Ugh Those Sites Are So Gay… When I Playd Stick Arena, this Guy Posted One Of The Webs, I went On, After 5 seconds I left

  18. haha. you can’t stop me now that i have you in my little trap.

    and you can’t say little kids go on your site, because, guess what? you are one.

  19. oh SHIT wait a second i know who it is its matt! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH RUN AWAY SHUT IT DOWN

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