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Drivebyn123 back!

December 31, 2007

Drivebyn123, a former bribble mod, is back, I was wonderin where the crap you were!  He had a virus on his computer. And maymay sorry now that hes back, I’m gonna have to give his mod spot back so drivebyn just email me your bribble pass so i can set that up for ya at […]

Sweet videos!

December 31, 2007


Coins fo’ change!

December 28, 2007

I found the results!!!  $394,000 will go to kids who are sick  (The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation) $330,000 will go to the environment (World Wildlife Fund) $276,000 will go to kids in developing countries (Free the Children)


December 28, 2007

well, first off, if you go to the iceberg there is fireworks, getting ready for the new year. Also in the category of icebergs,look out the beacon telescope to see an iceberg float by, Could this be a new iceberg room? Or do you think it will just be a little iceberg that floats by […]

Wii friend code???

December 28, 2007

Well i got a wii for xmas and people are asking in comments whats my wii friend code, could anyone tell me where i can find my code? And also tell me if the code is safe to post on this site.

New item and merry christmas!

December 25, 2007

Well actually old item, they brought the christmas scarf back, its in the ski lodge. Oh and merry christmas! For x-mas I got: -A Black, purple, and a yellow stuffed puffle -A wii -Two Animation/Editing systems (THAT ROCK!) -and bunch of wii crap -an I-cy (you know those toys you get at burger king, the […]


December 24, 2007

Hey, Theres a bit goin around, I’m still out of town, (in iowa) and I would be home right now but there has been a big snowstorm causing us to have to stay another night in our hotel, so anyways, im just using my dads laptop. Oh yeah, and BOY AM I GLAD THAT I […]

Have a holly, jolly Christmas!

December 21, 2007

Yes, the xmas party is here. There are last years santa hats at the snow forts in the same place they were last year. Reindeer antlers are at the dock. And, of course the bell at the plaza/beach. I like last year’s party a bit better. I dont really like the fancy buildings and all. […]

Party over and cyclone

December 21, 2007

I’m sorry it ended so quickly i wasnt really feeling like partying. I might reshedule, i got a ton of pics that i might post later, paintboy100 is taking like forever to decide what to do with his site, he said hed post in 3 days but it has been 5. and the last thing […]

New funny picture!

December 19, 2007

its kinda funny because i did a game of surfing (contest) and if you get 1rst place in the contest your penguin jumps up and down, when he was crunched down to get ready to jump, i took this picture and edited it