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yellow puffles BUY THEM ON FRIDAY

on dec.30, get ready to buy the new yellow puffles! this weeks issue of “The Penguin Times” says that yellow puffles will be IN THE PETSHOP on friday. What I’m gonna name mine, either:

MeLlO YeLloW(By r2dp)

Van gogh(by R2dp)

MoUnTaIn DeW(by R2DP)

Picasso(by R2DP)

LeMoN HeAd(by: unknowncl and my friend macaroni jim)

LeMoNaDeEeEeEeEe(by bo lil cenas)

Michaelangelo(by bo lil cenas)

leonardo da vinci(by bo lil cenas)

Post/comment your ideas for the yellow puffles below!~and I’ll post them above!

or something like that. also club penguin has announce the coins for change program will be 14-24 so it will only be 10 days. I am going to donate at least 10,000

and remember to come to me and shreddude87’s 1 yr old party! (we decided to merge our parties together for one huge party!)


11 Responses to “yellow puffles BUY THEM ON FRIDAY”

  1. mounten dew isnt yellow though. Im gonna name mine lemon head
    I know. lemon head is a great name for a yellow puffle but macajim said he was gonna name his that and he doesn’t want me to copy his puffle’s name 🙄 and also I know mountain dew isnt yellow but oh well I love mountain dew lol so

  2. Hey do u have to be a member to buy them?

  3. hey donate money to kids’ health because a sick kid cant do anything 😦

  4. the fan comic kinda stinks this week

  5. im gonna name mine Michaelangelo! the greatest artist who evah lived! or maybe da vinci, or leonardo lol

  6. or………. maybe even LeMoNaDeEeEeEeEe l0LZERS

  7. How bout Lemonade?

  8. no wait mine being called lemonade…..or it could be Sour Lemon!

  9. no im gonna be Lemon Puff

  10. man its hard to decide!

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