Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

new funny picture

I used the picture on the front page of this weeks penguin times to make this funny pic!

mutant puffle


6 Responses to “new funny picture”

  1. funny!

  2. Thats It!

    I am getting tired of Ice Box10 every time i log onto bribble and he is on he bans me! Please unban me and De-Mod Ice Box!

    Boyers is over and out

  3. hey r2dp can you reserve me if the modspots in the bribble are not full? plssssssss.

  4. it says “good food for mutant puffles” instead of “good homes for yellow puffles” 😆

  5. R2DP if there r empty modspots can u reserve for meh plz?

  6. You should put it in the funny picture page.


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