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Another yellow puffle

another yeller puffler (yellow puffle) has been spotted again, thx to yuille38 http://yuille38.wordpress.com/ In puffle roundup in the 3rd or 4th levels or something you might find a yellow puffle!

yeller puffler


7 Responses to “Another yellow puffle”

  1. hey R2DP its not just 3rd level and so on

    its in random levels

  2. dont need to be mean but it is yuille38 not yuille36

  3. ranielle’s right it can come up in the 1st lv (like it did for me) AND PLZ UNBAN ME ON BRIBBLE SOMEONE WAS ON BLCENAZZ SO I WENT ON BLCENAZ and got banned by SJB so unban any1 tht is banned plzz

  4. ya its random cuz i saw it on the 1st lvl

  5. http://yuille38.wordpress.com/2007/11/24/weird-puffle/

    when yellow puffle blinks it has red on it’s eye

  6. OMFG
    banned for no reason…… either sk8erboi is a mod or he used bribble trainer cuz anthony got banned for no reason nd we hav he same ip address plz unban any1 tht is banned srry =\

  7. hey can you put me on your blogroll my site is ranielle.wordpress.com

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