Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Club penguin Guitar hero!!

Ok now i have to give credit to my brother (ben penobie in cp) for the idea visit his site http://benpenobie.wordpress.com

guitaar hero


11 Responses to “Club penguin Guitar hero!!”

  1. whoa lol very funny pic

  2. o and awesome header and where’d u get that black striped shirt?

    btw, ive raised my requirement a while ago and a lot of people are mad that i raised it and cant get onto my blogroll. so sorry

  3. ok, u commented on my site again

    lets make it simple. if i had left it at 50k, there would be over 100+ people on my blogroll right now which is just as bad as not being on my blogroll

  4. yo
    watex here again
    dont know if u know about my 2 parties this week, theyre on my site, just scroll down. http://watex.wordpress.com the date/details/server are all posted

    anyhow, i’ve challenged the RPF and ACP to both parties and they’ve accepted and will come (to ‘friendly’ attack us).

    i wanna invite ur army PMA to come ally or attack us

    and if u any other worthy armies worth coming plz tell them to come as well. it’d be real cool if some1 could record the wars too.

    signed watex

  5. cool was that shirt members only?

    cept i got a pic of TTFAF and pasted it on my tv screen its kewl its on my PENGSPACE pics
    check it out sometime

  7. hey r2 go to my website and r u allies with ACP? cause its kinda related.


  9. you went on paint doc.
    and did tht!
    lol funni

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