Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

stupendous stage!

Club penguin made a new room. I thought cp would take my idea of a movie theater…. instead they made an awesome tricked out stage (thank you to those who caught my typo. orriginally i put “trage” instead of stage) which is just as great. Nobody really cooperates to actually make it a play… they just shout stuff. I like the robot stuff BLEEP BEEP! CP now has EIGHT CATALIOGS!




4.igloo upgrades

5.igloo furniture

6.puffle furniture

7.puffle-(SPEEKING OF PUFFLE! more evidence! go to the stage and click the two puffles at the top like thispuffle then look to either the left or right top chairs and a yellow puffle will jump out yellow puffle)


Also that explains the UFO pin. the play theme is space adventure. Heres how the story goes: Some peoplez are in a ship and blah blah blah they spot an alien and take him back to cp. I’d sayits a pretty dumb story but a cool set and clothes. Also me, 14atlas and cpperson are going to make a site about all the plays. we will probobaly make videos of the plays. BTW atlas i cant log in it says incorrect username. ok well the site im talking about is http://clubpplay.wordpress.com


11 Responses to “stupendous stage!”

  1. im very impressed on clubpenguin’s improvments recently

  2. yea i think its becomeing a more ivolved site! AND there keeping us on our seats with the new YELLOW PUFFEl

  3. yea i definetly think that the yellow puffle if gona be in the catalog!

  4. havent seen u in awhile

  5. this is 14atlas i tried adding u again i think last time i did r2dpenguin66 instead of cpfanatic i hope it works e-mail me

  6. please go to http://cpsn.webgoo.us/index.htm

  7. SJB! HAVENT SEEN U IN AWHILE EITHER! 3 things. 1. my football team wen undefeated and is no going t the super bowl 2. my robotics team won and is goin to the stae tourament 3. CAN I HELP WTH THE PLAY SITE?!!

  8. You said Trage instead Stage

  9. Would you like to exchange links? Please put


    in your blogroll and I will add you to mine.


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