Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Ninja video!!!

I used the drawings i made and made a video to advertise my nccp (ninja clan of cp) here it is


5 Responses to “Ninja video!!!”

  1. by the way r2dp im slidey
    but i cant post my vids on my blog help

  2. ha ha ha ha!!!!! funny 😆

    >pappy 8)
    /the radical one!\

  3. let me guess…

    Ornage ninja:orange ninjas are better
    NCCP ninja: oh no you didn’t
    *kills orange ninja*
    NCCP ninja: oh yeah we rock!

  4. ill goin

  5. Dude howd U do that? that was AWESOME! TELL ME HOW U MADE HIM MOVE!!!!!

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