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rokhoppa, stage and MORE YELLOW PUFFLES!

ok ok the yellow puffle mystery is more interesting so i’ll post it first, today, i was at the stage, they are almost done with the stage at the plaza, and all the sudden, another yellow puffle jumped out! here is a nonedited proof pic

yellow pufflewas the

It comes out every 15 minutes. So keep your eyes out for more signs of the yellow pufflez.

Also, Rokhoppa (Rockhopper) came today and brought a crappish item, but thats just my opinion. the item is a viking helmet with little crappy wings that makes you look like an idiot. the other nonmember item snapshot backround, which is OK but I’ve seen better backrounds. Member items were they brought back the pirate dress but made it red. They also have an awesome furniture item which is the waves, i made a beach with my igloo with them.

R2DP has the stuff you need 8)

Stay coolio



15 Responses to “rokhoppa, stage and MORE YELLOW PUFFLES!”

  1. first comment

  2. wow, whats with the golden puffle!

    oh and Call of Duty 4 is out 😆 its awsome

  3. holyy crap its true the rely is a gold puffle

  4. i saw it too!

  5. yo dude they didnt really bring the pirate dress back .
    its like a total new one

  6. ya i saw the yellow puffle before u did the post…

  7. Yeah, I saw the yellow one aslo. It’s only there for about 5 seconds, but that’s still cool!

  8. (mo)

  9. Hmmmmm…… I GOT IT!!!!!!! dude there should be a yellow puffle coming out this year!! IM A GENIOUS!!! 😀


  10. i suck at making sites

  11. hi all i looove club penguin and itz da best ever!!

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