Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


today, is the pma meeting, (every friday) I’ll be there. its today (fri. nov. 2nd) at 4:00 pst. on the american flag server Rocky Road in the dojo. and now, pma has two uniforms

Summer & spring uniform:

pma summer uniform

and here is the PMA winter and fall uniform

pma winter uniform

But sometimes the generals (ONLY THE GENERALS) (me and macaroni jim) wear a red football jersey and a magician cape just so you can tell who is the leaders or not, if anyone is wearing the general uniform and is not r2dpenguin66 or macaroni jim is not a real general.


  1. umm sorry but i am NOT wearing THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. can i join the p.m.a? i will be whatever you want me 2

  3. ok well ill be there

  4. ugh i missed it but cool uniforms 😆

  5. still not wearing it


    WHAT: penguins are all walking Bad Language filters (thats why you can swear in your own igloo as long as no one is in it)

    i tested it out on my test penguins. First I invited someone to my igloo and said a bad word it took about 15 seconds for me to get banned. then I went to my other penguin and went out of my igloo to a room where no one was there and i did the same (i sweared) and i didnt get banned then i went to a room with a few people and sweared and it took 5 seconds for me to get banned…..so penguins are walking filters. Just thought i might share that with you:D

  7. hey r2dp some dude told me about a program called BRIBBLE trainer by Mike92
    it lets u do alot of wierd things! like grey text turquiose and even RED!
    its soo cool cya!

  8. dude ban boyers forever he makes fun of me and others too much and do the same for maymay and demod her cuz maymay and boyers make fun of me like 24/7


  10. :O omg maymay doesnt

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