Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


I missed the pma and nccp meetings because well, pma i just forgot about and nccp i had football but that was my LAST football game so ya but if you read this post in time, go to the dojo at 1:30 pst dojo on rocky road today (saturday, oct. 27)


2 Responses to “sorry”

  1. should’nt the blogroll say cowboy365 AND OMAR05’s site!
    hello ive known you longer and cowboy thinks ur fat becuase u play defence in football!

    P.S: i got banned on bribble because SJB does’nt no the trick that when u put a bunch of spaces and someone name and stuff it looks like someone else said it! So Boyers starts mmaking fun of sjb and making it look like it was me!

  2. defensive line?

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