Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Halloween bash!

SPOILER ALERT! if you dont want anyone to help you find the halloween candies, dont click here http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/7885/halloweencandyda3.jpg is the link to the pic of where the candies, the items, there is a pumpkin basket (i knew theyed make that)  in the snow forts


Find all the candies and u’ll get THIS! like the chrismas scarf, but halloween colors!


My favorite room is the forest!it is coolio

forest spooky

I also like the dance club its rocks and the music is REALLY cool there


THis party is awesome and cp has givin out 2 of probobaly the best items weve gotten all year (the party hat and halloween scarf)


8 Responses to “Halloween bash!”

  1. I made it before you did remember how you guys told me once it lost the connection and i went on then it was dowloading so i went on two different computers and made it and then you did that one glitch with the scarf and then you feel asleep and we dicedted to make a movie about the halloween seris with micheal myers but we will wait. Also can you put a reminder on your site and make it so we can all work on the movie.

  2. hey R2dp i put one the sweets pic of yors on my site but I gave u credit is that alright?and how do u make those letters in your headers tah thave like fire?

    Keep it cool 😎


  4. I have a question about hypercam. Does it cost money cuz i wanna make my mom let me download it.;)

  5. I love what they did to the light house vey impressive 🙂

  6. hows my new avatar? Made it myself 😀

  7. i had a feelin they would make a pumpkin basket, and i knew they would have something with candies(the candy scavenger hunt thingy)! oh yeah and my favorite places are probably the forest( its like SOOOOOO c00l!) and um……………the lighthouse( lol the night of the living sled!)

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