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Another party hat post…

Well, I edited the party hat to show you what they look like. Heres what I think


the red and purple ones are a little too dull so I don’t think they should make it them…



I don’t want them to bring back the blue and green one cuz they gave that out last year (even though I don’t have it) and also I just got a feeling that cp will make a new color

green and blue

That leaves red and yellow, and yellow, and orange. It will PROBOBALY be one of these two but I like orange more than red so I’d like the orange and yellow, and also the yellow and orange has the second highest number of votes next to the green an blue.

red and yellow

So I THINK that it will be orange and yellow!



17 Responses to “Another party hat post…”

  1. my favorite colors! 😀

  2. What if they came out with Orange and Red? Or maybe orange, red, AND yellow? 😆

  3. i really dont like any of the hats to tell you the truth what about like red and blue or something

  4. i was wondering if u can still log on to ur bribble because they discontinued the free bribble so i cant log on to mine like for changing stuffs

  5. I thought it was going to be red and orange because the CP creators haven’t used those colors on the party hat yet. Though, orange and yellow is logical.

  6. hey r2dpenguin!! its me fanocp (flamster3000!) your buddy. plz dont remove me in a huge huge fan of you!!!!!! visit my blog at http://www.flamster3000.com and plz leave coments. i hope thE hat is yellow and red. the prple and red sucks!! i needs to be red and yellow 🙂 i vote red and yellow just 3 days to the party then we will find out! it cant be last years

  7. can you add me on your blogroll to help me get hits thx


  9. Ya we need numbahs!Just cos sum stupid ppl kept saying 123 to be my girlfriend they should ban those ppl or sumtin

  10. Go red & yellow party hat!

  11. it depends im not sure which is better

  12. it depends im not sure which is better

  13. urrrgh i hate those people……. they still say like ABC to be my boyfriend though

  14. from a really old cmment you posted on y site… “you dont post as much…”

  15. the new party hat is yellow and orange! You must be psyhic… 😯
    So that means your friend won’t be quitting Cp.

  16. how did you know?!?!?!?!

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