Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


Well, some stupid company thought cp was copying their happy face emote. So they had to replace it. Billybob also said that if there are any more emotes they should add, we should tell them! so post your ideas below and I’ll post them on this!

I think new ones should be:
-sled emote

-Zzzzzz (sleepy)

-lightbulb (idea!)

-ninja guy!

-And emote of me! jk 😆

-hockey stick/puck

Comment what YOU think should be new emotes and I’ll post them right under here

-blushing face (embarressed kind of face) (by peypey152)

-migrator ship (by ranielle)

-dancing penguin (by normile5 aka cpperson)

-rockhopper (by normile5 aka cpperson)

-crying face (by bo lil cenas)

-viking helmet with ? (“wheres the helmet hidden?”) (by bo lil cenas)

-the very first pin with a an ? (for the same reason as the one above) (by bo lil cenas)

-(according to holiday) a santa hat , pumpkin, etc. (by bo lil cenas)

-soda (by unknowncl)

-slapping self in face (by gold angels)

-clapping hands (by blu jade)

– cool 8) (by blu jade)

Post your ideas now!


18 Responses to “Emotes”

  1. Hi, I think there should be a emmbarrased sign, (blushing face) or something

  2. how about migrator ship

  3. can you put to your website “visit ranielle’s website” pls. so they can see my new wordpress

    my wordpress is ranielle.wordpress.com

  4. Go to http://www.dude1t.wordpress.com he will tell you why that happened and also my ideas is
    dance (gif penguin dancing)
    puking (the face of a penguin puking not just looking like it going to)
    and last of all the pma unifom(guy in the pma uniform.

  5. ooh! barf face and face sticking out its tongue!!!

  6. wait we already have those!!!!!!!!! ok then i dont know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i think there should me one of me seriously
    and another of me in a dif outfit

  8. oh come on everyone has that smiley o o i know they stole it from smiley centra ldid nt they?(im not talking about cp)

  9. hey i was just avertising your site on a video that will be on youtube 🙂

  10. y am i banned on your bribble?

  11. maybe for when youre so sad ur about 2 cry a crying face

    or a viking helmet with a question mark next to it to ask “wheres the helmet hidden?”
    or the very first pin with a “?” for the same reason

    last one would probably be (according to the holiday) a santa hat , pumpkin, etc.

  12. ummmm i want a real crying face and mabye a soda or something

  13. i want a slaping your sef in the face emote for when u do something stupid 😆

    Funny Munky!

  14. a clapping smiley! with little hands that clap! and a cool smiley, with sunglasses.

  15. a face thats making a loser sign on its 4head lolz

  16. laughing emote! 🙂

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