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Do you want a membership but your parents won’t allow you to?

Well, I know a lot of people’s parents won’t let them buy memberships, so i’m gonna take the time today to tell you how you can convince them. Here are a few of things you can try on your parents.

1.Do jobs around the house. (That is how I got my first membership!)

2. I was looking aroung http://clubpenguin.com and found out that a portion of every membership goes to charity for kids in Africa, so your parents thinking that some of the money goes to charity could soften them up. (Some them that article at http://www.clubpenguin.com/parents/global-citizenship.htm .)

3.If your parents are worried about telling them a bunch of personal info for the membership thing, well, club penguin said on the FAQ thing that they never look at the info. (macajim got his membership that way http://macajim.wordpress.com is macajim’s site.)

4. Play club penguin A LOT! If your parents know that you are on it a lot and it’s entertaining for you, well that might soften them up a bit also.

5. Beg 😆 well this one might not work so much but I just thought I’d put that there

I hope this helps you nonmembers

R2DP has the stuff you need!

Stay coolieo!



9 Responses to “Do you want a membership but your parents won’t allow you to?”

  1. thats how i got my mom to say shell get me one fopr christmas! i played day and night and begged and begged and played some more and she gave in

  2. my parents would think clubpenguin is a baby game so they will say im to old for this witch i am

  3. i got another tip, my mom payed for the whole 6 month membership because i had a blog. she thinks its teaching me writing.
    R2DP: I can see that. you do write BIG LONG posts!

  4. i started of as a nonmember and i thought they wouldnt buy me a membership my mom loved the game and my dad was a little hesitant but i wont forget that day when i bought my first item 3D-glasses



  6. just for kicks mumbleina is only myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy account nobody elses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. but webkinz is pretty cool too

  8. heres a tip,GET ONE ON YOUR B-DAY OR CHRISTMAS OR HAUNNAKAH OR WHATEVER! i got mine cuz i played cp alot,my friends have them,and it was my b-day!

  9. I HATE WEBKINZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i just asked my mom if i could be a member.
    P.S: Another good one is telling them its only $6 a month.

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