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having trouble with buddy lists?

I emailed club penguin this about 5 seconds ago. I tried to use punctuation and all so theyed listen to me:

“Hello, I have a Club Penguin account and cp rocks! But I struggle fitting all my buddies into just one list that only fills 100 penguins. A lot of penguins like me, get a lot of buddy requests. And I try to answer yes to all of them but my buddy list is always full and when I delete a buddy they get mad, if I say no, the person asking gets mad. In the old archives of the “What’s New!” section of the Club Penguin website says you will keep upgrading the buddy lists to 300 buddies, could you do this plz?


I hope they upgrade them! then famous penguins (kinda including me) will be able to accept your buddy thingz! everyone email cp something like that (if you are having the same trouble as me OR you want famous buddies) at fanmail@clubpenguin.com

IT IS SOO ANNOYING! when you see a fmaous penguin and all people do is cry “be my buddy please!!!!!”


7 Responses to “having trouble with buddy lists?”

  1. Hey, I’ll give you a fun fact that might answer your question (i’m an old, old penguin lol).

    Club Penguin used to have 300 buddies for each penguin, but they had trouble keeping up the server and the buddy icons, etc. So they changed it into members have 200, non-members have 100. But they still had trouble, so everyone is now…100. Also, I have another one:

    Did you know that the sports shop was not made for “sports” shop? It was made, because when there is a new catalog, gift shop was ALWAYS full, so nobody can get the items. So they built a “sports” shop and they added the fun of HQ.

    Hope this answer your question!!!

  2. i hope they do

  3. i hope they put in 300 buddies cuzz im realy rare and i want to a newbs too cuz i feel so bad!

    Pie Forever!

    p.s ha ha i copied ur sugniture gold angels

  4. ok i will becuase i got 20 buddy requests yesterday

  5. man its so annoying when ppl lists are full and when the opposite happens because ur famous and ur like full and the ppl are like add me add me!add me!im ur biggest fan!whilst teh only thing they wanna do is u dding them and for insatnce saying Cp fanatic is my buddy nananana!its really annoying
    No offense cp fanatic it was jus ta n example

  6. Hey R2DPenguin i met you at the gift shop 😆 i didnt know you would ask to be my buddy 😆 😀 i know you probably have a lot of buddies and nice igloo

  7. i asked you to be my buddy and.. YOU SAID YES! i was really surprised cause everyone else says no. You are the most famous penguin!!(the second famous is paintboy and grim reepa but they said no when i asked them) :mrgreen:

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