Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Clown army!

today we had a gigantic clown war with the ghosts. Here are pics.




And I might create a clown army for this site!


10 Responses to “Clown army!”

  1. If you do can i be a general clown?

  2. O that war I started it at the dojo I gathered a bunch ghosts and told them to fire at the clowns srry about that lol

  3. I know I am not your best friend, but if you do make an army I should be one of the top leaders because I had the clown item last year when it first ever came out.

  4. CLOWN ARMY?! COME ON! but what ever. for halloween im temproarily changing my clothing

  5. i want to join if u do i have the wig, shoes and suit!

  6. i doubt it u have to be a member

  7. I cant belive it…guess what?i was being crazy frog in a war and then i teamed up with sum clowns lol

  8. My sis, Narniapengi was there!! Remember?? First you were at the Dock, then the Dojo, then the Cove.. she asked over and over to be your buddy!

  9. my sister, Narniapengi was there with you, she said. She siad it was a blast.

  10. sorry!! my sis posted that 2nd comment

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