Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


Well, A LOT of ppl entered the raffle so I decided to just do the raffle thing right now. I put slips of paper into a hat and drew out 3 ppl that will be able to join my site!!!



bo lil cenas-author (edit: blcenazz it says your email address, it says it doesn’t have a wordpress account so uhh, idk)


Gold angels!-Author

and since 14atlas didn’t enter the raffle in time and I didn’t say when the raffle ended, I might make him an author too. (MAYBE)

I might add others but idk…

And I will add you guys to my site as authors, and also, if you have a problem with something, ask me.

You guys will be added for AT LEAST a month but If having other members of this site gets kinda annoying I might delete all of the authors.

AND don’t pout if you lost! I did it fair and square, pulled slips of paper with names on them out of a hat.


11 Responses to “RAFFLE WINNERS!!!”

  1. what the heck this post just poped up out of no wear when i was ready to enter raffle

  2. dude u picked all of ur friends
    P.S.i entered 1 day late 😦

  3. dude i emailed you a scary phote of the freddy kreuger edit. mwhahahahahaha dont get to scared to cheack your email

  4. 😦 *sigh* fine watever.
    R2DP: dude, you know you can get to my site too, because you and gold share the site.

  5. if one of them quits can i be next in line plz.

  6. Well…
    if you picked them out of a hat how come theyre all your best friends. Since 14atlas did’nt get to enter and hes your soo super frend then, you should pick one of us who didnt get a chance!!!!:mad:

  7. why u mad at me gummigirl i did enter but it was not until yesterday cuz i coulnt get on my computer til then god damnit i wish i had won

  8. when are u gonna add me to the background for mods ????

  9. 😦 im upset and 😡 but if someone wanna be a mod on my site or i will be on yrs then it would make me 😀 and 😉 and :mrgreen:

  10. so plz comment to make me 😀

  11. did you pick macajim just because your his real life friend? c’mon thats so not fair you picked all of your friends you didnt even do the hat thing your a liar im not hangin with a lair anymore im no a subscriber to the site anymore

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