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Heres the deal

October 29, 2007

OK, all members of Penguin Possie (my cp band) we are meeting today (monday oct. 29) at rocky road at the PIZZA PARLOR not the lighthouse  because if we did it at the lighthouse the theatre would be in the way so we wouldnt be able to use the stage. Advertisements


October 27, 2007

I missed the pma and nccp meetings because well, pma i just forgot about and nccp i had football but that was my LAST football game so ya but if you read this post in time, go to the dojo at 1:30 pst dojo on rocky road today (saturday, oct. 27)

Halloween bash!

October 26, 2007

SPOILER ALERT! if you dont want anyone to help you find the halloween candies, dont click here http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/7885/halloweencandyda3.jpg is the link to the pic of where the candies, the items, there is a pumpkin basket (i knew theyed make that)  in the snow forts Find all the candies and u’ll get THIS! like the chrismas scarf, but […]

New animation~!!

October 25, 2007

I haven’t made an animation for you for a while so here is one!!! It’s a guy walking onto the jetpack thing then unexpectedly, get flinged into the sky…


October 24, 2007

Hey, I just updated like ALL of my pages, and check out the PMA, CPNS, and Penguin Possie meeting events page, were finnaly gonna start havin meetings. I also took down the list of all the members of my clubs, I’m sorry! but it’s just way too stressful to update it whenever someone joins.

YES! my prediction came true the party hat is yellow and orange

October 24, 2007

theres is an awesome anniversary party going on at the coffee shop! hurray! its only for THIS ONE WEDNESDAY! you gotta go upstairs to the bookplace for the hats also therezs a gigantic cake with a number 2 on it, like last years anniversary party Also club penguin made a 2007 memory book or somethin […]

Hey guys

October 24, 2007

You guys probobaly dont care but… I had a big football game tonight…the semi finals, but we lost. I ran as fast as I could and hit as hard as i could but their star running back scored like 5 touchdowns. Ok well the anniversary is on wednesday and were havin a count down party […]

Another party hat post…

October 19, 2007

Well, I edited the party hat to show you what they look like. Heres what I think the red and purple ones are a little too dull so I don’t think they should make it them… red purple I don’t want them to bring back the blue and green one cuz they gave that out […]

keep ’em comin billybob!

October 19, 2007

Billybob has givin us 3 sneek peeks! AND

party hat!

October 18, 2007

OK OK guys they are bringing the party hat back but its gonna be a different color look at the poll on http://clubpenguin.com I would like orange and yellow or yellow and red but everyone is voting green and blue. PLZ don’t vote green and blue or else bo lil cenas is quitting cp cuz […]