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Laughs…By: The Joker

I have pengspace now

Maymay told me about pengspace. I joined and my pengspace site is http://pengspace.ning.com/profile/r2dpenguin66


15 Responses to “I have pengspace now”

  1. http://yuille38.wordpress.com/ lol i made a animation about a streaker penguin

  2. 🙂 go to my pengspace and I made a thingy for the pma in my pengspace box!

  3. oops i put maynay

  4. Im on it 2 your my buddy and im ya biggest fan

  5. kewl man go on my website somebody broke a document and arent doing the consquences. so go to my website and unleash ur hulk by swearing doing whatever. here’s my website read the instructions and bombard here is my website:

  6. Wow is paintboy100’s blog getting less popular or something?

    I refreshed his blog a few times and his hits didn’t go up!!!

  7. Oh also he’s not getting very many comments on his two latest posts…

  8. R2DP i have just ended a 1 hour long battle mammoth at dock. I was the PMA of course, as i said it with pride. There was a group of 6 that kept sayin end pma and surrendor pma. They charged and i stayed ground. They would surrond me 6 people i stood ground. I charged them and made them retreat. Flameboy something or something and I stayed together and I was the leader of the hole operation. I would tell people there where to go and what to do. I got all of the 8-10 people charging the pma to all retreat. Me and flameboy were the last men standing. I told when to charge and spread out. It was bruttle but I got them all retreated and surrendor. They all left. I just wanted to tell you that. If you could overlook the hole thing, me charging them from rooms. I got them out of boiler room dojo their igloo and iceberg. You would of been proud. I also think that this should be able to put me in some kind of position on the pma PMA WON!!!

  9. hey dude can i be an author of ur website?ill make u an author of my weebsite.

  10. hey dude can i be an author of ur website?ill make u an author of my website.

  11. lol im your buddy r2d2. im pretty famous around pengspace.

  12. no your not i haven’t heard of you… stop acting like ur sooooo famous! jk

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