Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

I’m at least like 40% famous now.

if you google “r2dpenguin66” or “famous r2dpenguin66” or something like that you get a bunch of things saying either that they met me on cp and that i am famous or a famous list and comments saying like what about r2dpenguin66 (NOTE: the comments WEREN’T made by me)


18 Responses to “I’m at least like 40% famous now.”

  1. R2 get on your bribble

  2. hey you should make a pengspace! pengspace.ning.com!

  3. ok r2dp that makes no sence ur not 40% ur more like errr… 75% Its the truth!~craftyman

  4. hey its mrmystery4 anyway that happens to me also

  5. who cares if your famous or not jeezus those people get on my nerves all they think i that they r famous but there not i hang at the tundra dock or at forzen and stuff and ppl think im alsome but u dout see me saying im famous cause im not so shhh up

  6. how bout me??????im at least 5% lower in a rating than R2DP is!

  7. r2dp can you post my party on your site please?

  8. im 0% famous 😦

  9. Can u add em to ur blogrll?

  10. i was wondering if u could advertise my websites raffle cuz i am gonna redo the whole raffle thing

    i will give u a mod spot if u help me with this

  11. me and my buddy heatblast are 100% famous 🙂

  12. i made this for the PMA!!

    Draw Your Own Picture

  13. wait just look on my site i’ll make a post with it

  14. at least 10% here

  15. Alright i think cp fannatic u are 80%at least
    Im like 35%famou but im gettin famouser
    and BLCENAZZ your like 40% famous so dont worry :mr green:

  16. THATS RUBBISH R2DPENGUIN66 to me your 100% famous and SJB is like 75%famous.
    Your #1 fan Hermoine

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