Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

The first R2DP and Cyc999 Club Penguin Coolieo Show!

visit http://cyclone999.wordpress.com/ to see his version of the vid but heres mine. We are gonna make a series of these with different subjects each time. enjoy.

was that coolieo or what?

heres cyc’s version


5 Responses to “The first R2DP and Cyc999 Club Penguin Coolieo Show!”

  1. Hey nice igloo u have there… Heyyyy wait a minute… THATS MY IGLOO! HA HA HA but seriously that is my igloo and i really couldn’t care less if u use it but if i could help u with ur show, doesn’t matter what, plz contact me. I could do my igloo decorations or something…

  2. Wow its really cool can i be in it sometime?
    Visit: http://www.banditbud777.wordpress.com

  3. can i join in?


  5. Can italk about my new army on it?
    email me yes or no. i emailed you
    a long time ago about this and you
    never resonded. And i haven’t seen
    you on bribble for 4 days!

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