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Laughs…By: The Joker

ok, cp plz dont bring back the 1 year anniversary hat!

Well, as much as I want it, I hate it when club penguin brings back old items, though if I don’t have it I might be happy, yet im mad cuz now others are getting real pissed cuz they already have it. CP’s method of sometimes bringing the same item but a different color is ok. So cp, DON’T BRING THE 1 YR PARTY HAT BACK!

if they do, blcenazz is quitting cp.

I’ve heard rumors that the party hat is gonna be red and yellow.

14 Responses to “ok, cp plz dont bring back the 1 year anniversary hat!”

  1. yea i forgot to go on cp during the party which was only one day, so i was really mad at myself for not going on to get party hat. But i hope too that they will not bring the same hat back, because that not fair for people who weren’t thinking of quitting cp that week.

  2. They sould bring it back you know why? Because I wasnt here on clubpenguin yet I started in like march 2007? Yah thats it. So I want it so bad it looks so cool!

  3. dude, the red and yellow hat is the beta hat

  4. No, it’s not Red and yellow, it’s pink and yellow. I hope they GIVE ANOTHER COLOUR!!!!!! Let’s see…..

    Blue’s opposite is RED
    Green’s opposite is Orange

    That looks really good! Anyways, stay COOL, and I mean COOL, and stay awesome, and remember, always Coolieo and Woolieo and Kazoolieo yourself until you knock yourself out 😉 8) 8) 😉

    Chill out with the CYCLONE ;|

  5. Yeah, like when they brang back the eyepatch. Now all the NEWBS are wearing it!! But I do want a party hat. Hopefully a red one. 😀 Just don’t bring back the blue and green one!!!


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  7. it is going to be yellow and blue?

  8. please dont swear

  9. hey r2dp im quiting cp to im 11 now and its time to move on.

  10. im fine with them givin bak the party hat
    just NOT blue and green!
    ill look like a newb forever since they r also bringin sheet back

  11. imagine black and white

  12. black and white would be the BIGGEST HIT

  13. See the CP post ppl! BB says that the next party is HELLOWEEN party! not Bday party…

  14. WHAT PARTY HAT???!! On Clubpenguin I saw someone wearing a green and some other party hat now are they old items or new items

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