Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


Today I saw someone with a lolipop for an item! I’d suspect he’s a hacker and hacked it because the new items aren’t here yet. But this must mean they are going to have a lollipop! probobaly by tomorrow.


8 Responses to “???”

  1. Help!!! On your bribble, someone imposed as me as Yuillle38. Also someone came in as Sk8terboi0541 and Sk8terboi541 was also there. I will give u a link to the two pics i taken. I think Sk8terboi541 was it because at last picture, you can see that Yuillle38 Sk80541 and sk8541 all logged off at once.

  2. you shouldnt hack! you will get bannened for life
    just wait! pacience



  4. hackers are nerds 😀

  5. i got some pics. i think there beta testers. and i saw some other ppl 2. there all over frozen.

  6. Sorry its been a while since i last commented, i hope you know we are allies right now. Get ready for the war against GPR, they are going down. Check the RPF site for details.

    http://www.rebelpenguinfederation.com (click on news today)

    – Commando717

  7. Yuille you suck! I never hacked you you freaking lier!

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