Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

fall fair madness!

the party is OK. I think club peguin got a new better animating programbecause go to a game like surfing and its really good but ok here we go!
You play minigames to earn tickets and get the free items. here are the items.


I know what your thinkin…. the items kinda suck but there is gonna be more items coming soon so just wait.

the tickets are in the corner of your screen they look like this! https://i0.wp.com/img480.imageshack.us/img480/8523/ticketski9.jpg

But it’s not ONLY the items that make this party a hit its the games!

Here are the games from my favoritest to least favorite


I loooooove puffle paddle it is very fun and gets you a high amount of tickets.

It is in the forts


HOW TO PLAY: bounce puffles on a ping pong paddle

puffle paddle

2. FEED-A-PUFFLE: VERRRRRY! fun. it’s at the cove.


How to play: shoot puffleos at puffles BE CAREFUL you have a limited amount, depending on how tiny the box got is how much u have left.

feed a puff

3. and 4.test your strength and grab and spin

they are at the DOCK


the spin game is pretty simple. spin the wheel.

how to play the test your strength:

click, and hold it down, then release when it gets high like about this high:


5. puffle shuffle. you probobaly know how to play this. at thwe forest.


6. memory game you probobaly know how to play this too. at the beach

beach game

and ballistic biscuit is no more. it’s now called hydro hopper.

ok. And THATS why paintboy SUCKS because his postscould take 2 seconds to write but THIS post took like 30 minutes to write ok bye.


5 Responses to “fall fair madness!”

  1. Can you do something about your blog? wHENEVER I visit it, It lags my computer. I am very lucky that I am writing this. PLEASE ANSWER ME!!!!! On my blog, but not here, because I can’t check it.

  2. http://yuille38.wordpress.com/ look at my post. Over 1600 words and over 20 pictures. I did good.

  3. the fall fair sucks are you kidding me! every time you play a minigame a orange box pops up saying lost connection and then your internet is down! i thinks clubpenguin is a bad game to play and just listen to my advice……QUIT CP!
    R2DP: cpperson, jus because you quit cp doesn’t mean you have to be an ass about it

  4. Hey R2DP I saw you this morning on club penguin! Could you please add me to your blogroll?

  5. i just put up my Fall Fair post im l8.

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