Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Paintboy? a liar!

I have PROOF that paintboy is a LIAR His hits, are like 7 million right? It’s not true try refreshing he page a few times. Notice it like goes up 50 hits every time you refresh, then somtimes it goes back to the same number again. That CANNOT be true he had to download something and all. Not even ask.com can has more than that That liar! And his no good shit site!


25 Responses to “Paintboy? a liar!”

  1. Why do you hate him so much… 😯

  2. Rockhopper came early look at my site I have the things posted

  3. well it might be true but when u see where it says how many ppl r on my site right now there r a lot of ppl, so that could be y.

  4. well think about it. every time i go on he has like 200 some ppls on his site per second.

  5. Paintboy is a fuckin idiot that sucks his mums cock MU HA HAH HAH HA we will be celebrating the day u die paintboy and antras will be begging at teh grave and i will put shit on his head MU HA HA HA
    Cp fanatic rulz!

  6. i think i’m quitting cp

  7. ok i AM quitting cp

  8. im sorry i hate paintboy just as much as the next person but i tried refreshing it an the number didnt change.

  9. what the gay thats gay crap thats so stupid what a liar i new he did somthing like that, that means everyone notices his hits are different he might of used the text 1 widget

  10. HHMMM let me try it

  11. Whats his website?

  12. I know. What a Cheater. A scam.

    When I first went on: 7,770,480
    Refreshed: 7,770,589
    Second Refresh: 7,770,836
    Third Refresh: 7,770,740
    Fourth Refresh: 7,770,589


  13. paintboy is his moms fu***** sh**!

  14. Um… dude, you do realize that he has over 100 people looking at his site at the same time, so it might be them!?

  15. You’re just trying to bring him down cause he’s popular huh?

  16. u should all put soap in your mouths!

  17. Everyone, the proof that Paintboy1000 is telling the truth is here!
    When he had his Whos.Among.Us widget, he had like 150 people. Does THAT answer your question?


  19. I have proof that paintboy’s a liar. if he’s so popular, how come his hits go down every few refreshes!?

  20. wow i just noticed that he removed the who’s amongest us widget, so that could support R2DP’s theory…


  22. Shoot
    What can i say?
    I’l just laugh because you said that PB100 has a tiny ass LMAO!
    To end up, sorry. I think I did what you were doing by getting mad. Good luck.

  23. pS: It’s not like I think that PB100 is cool or anything, but I think he’s making a big effort… peace

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