Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Actually, this is the reason and ooh scary!

Well I found out cp DOES have ghost mods, so thats the cary part, this is how I know they have ghost mods. I emailed cp about getting banned and they tod me how i got banned. They said the first time I got banned (I was a newb when this happened) I said “SHIT! GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!! in my igloo. The second time I got banned they said was because I kept calling everyone a dufus lol. Third ban, from using cp trainer (which I didn’t even know how to work) and Finnaly the current ban, they said that i was advertising this site by saying “cpfanatic dat wordpress dat com” I replied to the email saying:

“Oh, the advertising the wordpress site got me banned? I thought club penguin said they loved fan sites. And everyone has a lot more visitors then me so I thoguht that I could advertise my cp blog on cp. If you unban me I promise NEVER to do any of those things again.”

Oh yeah and don’tyu think its scay abou the ghost mods?


6 Responses to “Actually, this is the reason and ooh scary!”

  1. yes its scary omg first comment w00t ya

  2. oooo

  3. I think the ghost mods are people who hack the mods.

  4. scary stuff man. 😉

  5. oh thats really lucky 4 me cause i advertise my sites all the time plus thechuggass and i think superhakan found proof of ghost mods. there pretty cool and isnt it if you get banned 4 times you get a forever ban?and if you hack with a member penguin you get a forever ban?

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