Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

new musiv vid – raver’s fantasy

if I was saying weird stuff on cp today, heres why

special thanks to tracer bullet his site is http://tracerbullet007.wordpress.com


8 Responses to “new musiv vid – raver’s fantasy”

  1. cool i made an animation check out my site can i be in one of ur vids soon yay first comment

  2. cool 10/10 make a vid of hold on from jona bros

  3. OMG!!!!! THAT IS SO FREKING AWESOME!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! But could u give me some tips on my vids? ONe is on my site and if u double-click while its playing it’ll go to youtube. PLease subscribe to me!

  4. OH yeah! Don’t u just hate it when people get mad at u when ur making a music video and they still get mad at u even though u already told them wut u were doing so u couldn’t pay attention? It happened to me and made Dolafanini hate me for some reason. 😦
    R2DP: totally

  5. hey make a vid by the jonas brothers called attention attention

  6. heyy sweet vid

  7. good job

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