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paintboy making his site WORSE????

well, he has like 7 million hits and stuff but he recently DELETED the cheat page, now it’s not even a cheat site. The only thin I like about paintboy is that he’s good at finding clothes catalog secrets

BTW, sorry this is late but here are the secrets

The clothes are pretty much, dorky. But I LIKE the astro barrier shirt.

I don’t feel like getting pics right now so I’m gonna use paintboy’s, and no matter how much I hate paintboy, I still need to give him credit so http://paintboy100.wordpress.com

red guitar

Swim googles

Viking helmet

4 Responses to “paintboy making his site WORSE????”

  1. ya that was stupid… and they were good cheats!!

  2. lol
    we werent wrong wen we said he was a retard

  3. dude visit my site for cool stuff like paintboys, i have way more pages, and a ton more fun stuff to look at, but his still gets more hits!!!!!!!!!!!
    great stuff!

  4. Yeah u guys are right he is an idiot and the first cp blog i went to was his and then i found out better ones for example cpfantic’s blog and i thought paintboys site isnt as good and everyone can find catalog secrets whats he good at nothing

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