Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

staying up again

yup. I”m stayin up for the catalog.

oh yeah and You can’t call mye r2dp on cp cuz they took the numbers. just call me “RTDP” and the “T” stands for 2. If u see me on cp shout “CPFANATIC!” or “RTDP!”

and theres an 88% chance I’ll add u to my buddy list.

4 Responses to “staying up again”

  1. hey r2dp i will be on for the catalog cuz its kinda a special event so i guess, cya there

  2. or on second thot i might be there for it

  3. I knew something was new, only I forgot what was new….. so I didn’t stay up 😦

  4. r2dp amm u wanna join my site?

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