Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

bandit777 site hacked!

Well first I gozta tell youz that he gave his account sword56 to his friend and created a new account called banditbud777 he used to have a peng called bandit777 but it was banned forever so his site was hacked and deleted 😦 (http://bandit777.wordpress.com)

So He made a new site called http://banditbud777.wordpress.com

Oh yeah and superhakan (aka shakan) joined boyers site http://crazyforcp.wordpress.com and then HE DELETED IT! And he’s telling everyone to delete boyers from their buddy lists. Dude, shakan that’s just wrong. Boyers is cool and I’m NOT deleting him I might have to delete u for being such an idiot. See? U can never trust anyone to join ur site! first lemy takes over  14atlas’s http://freewebs.com/14clubpenguin then shakan (Who I THOUGHT was nice) deleted boyers’s site! man……………………………


9 Responses to “bandit777 site hacked!”

  1. i hate hackers there dumb they can all just be losers like the butts they are!!!!!!!!!!


  3. you guys take cp to seriously get a hobby AKA :Life! and stop being so upsessed with a childish penguin name!

  4. I saw supershakan yesterday on ammoth at the iceberg and we were having an iceberg party and he kept saying you cant tip it and we kept telling him we like to dance and drill on it but he wouldnt shut up

  5. damn this dang hackers i them i cant figure out to use animations gif its to hard

  6. boyers ur cool im keepin u on my buddy list

  7. Boyers rocks,Shakan sucks since he deleted crazyforcp! Oh yeah, Bandit, thats SO sad!

  8. hey r2dp remember that was a joke for me im not as bad i gave it back i even posted a thing that said it was a joke soooo im inisent

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