Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

just a reminder

the vid we are doing is at 12:00 PST today. ANYBODY can be in it just show up on the server rocky road and BE ON BRIBBLE!!!


be on bribble so I can tell u what to say, do and where to go


5 Responses to “just a reminder”

  1. WHERE ARE YOU R2DP?????

  2. why arent you there?

  3. ok nvm awesome video tho it was so fun

  4. Invite:
    Hey wats up R2dpeng! well jstu wondering and since i trust u alot. do u want to become an author of my website and an author can only write post. right? well if u accept leave a comment on my website screaming” YES!!!”
    -The Chuggas

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