Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

iron man vid & 50,000 hits party (finnaly)

well I got a schedule of my football so football won’t cancel anything anymore. meet me on rocky road sunday sep. 2 at 12:00 for the 50,000 views partay!.

and then we have the iron man vid

lets have that tomorrow (sep.1) at 12:00 on rocky raod server in my iggy ok?

BE ON BRIIBLE DURING THE VID!! or else I won’t put ur name in the credits and I need to tell u what to do.




6 Responses to “iron man vid & 50,000 hits party (finnaly)”

  1. change the date cause ive got a game tomorow at 12;00 change it to tom at 1;00 pst

  2. when u say 12 u mean penguin time right?

  3. its to bad about the surf boards and the wakeboards cas i cant afford to be a members since my dad lost his job last week… 😦 😥

  4. i no this is short notice but im going to a football gamme at noon so can you push the time back to 4:30 pst

  5. Hey Cyclone999 was of 20 persons more famous

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