Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

sorry lemy

well, I owe u an appoligy it was just a joke. So I take back everything I said. Atlas on the other hand, will probobaly hate you forever


14 Responses to “sorry lemy”

  1. i wont take back all of it but i had very important stuff to do that day AND I STILL DONT KNOW THE PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LEMY!!!!

  2. im srry lemy, wanna meet so i can get you back on my friend list?just email me when

  3. Tell him the pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. omg it was a freakin’ joke?!!! (sorry lemy) 😉


  6. im kinda srry but not entirley u shouldnt just change sombodies password like that.\
    R2DP: I know

  7. and the whole freaking site chuggas dont forget that!!!

  8. gold angels is an asshole delete this comment after u read it r2dp

  9. after you left bribble gold was cussing his head off ask maxgirl its true

  10. ………………..

  11. no way im saying sorry to lemyb****

  12. Wot happened ?????

  13. What was just a joke?

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