Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

funny cp vid

I made this vid it’s a commercial about “penguin frenzy cp soda!”

it’s hilarious.

Heres the pic that goes with it

peng frenzy


11 Responses to “funny cp vid”

  1. Can i have some!!

  2. I’d to order five crates of this stuff!

  3. Cool! Good Job! 😀 Kindof cheesy though!

  4. I want INFINITY crates of Penguin Frenzy CP Soda PLZ!!!!!!!!

  5. first, that vid is a little on the weird side, second i am really mad beacasue u wont answer this comment and then answer everyone elses comment on ur fuckin blog except mine. like the time i s=asked if you could put a post about me? rejected. and the time i told u i was deleting my blog? rejected. i am really fuckin mad at u

  6. and dont be like “oh i cant answer evey comment on this blog cuz im too busy” shit, i dont want none of that bla bla bla i only post comments on ur newest posts. ur posts dont u?
    u should see my fuckin comments

  7. oh goodie! SODA!
    *drinks 10 crates of it*
    I feel strange….BOOM!
    *rockets up to space* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
    *arrives at a planet in the Alpha Centari system*

    Houston, I got a problem…….

  8. Man, this ain’t half bad….
    I’ll try to drink infinite of the crates!
    *drinks all of it*
    My stomach feels funny….
    *rockets faster than the speed of light*


    *goes beyond the universe*

    man, so this is what it looks like beyond the universe, green cheese!! OH NO! I’m late for my appointment! Oh well, this stuff will bring me there.
    *drinks all of it*
    *rockets back to Earth*
    Well, at least im back. Sooooo dizzy uhhhhhhhh……


  9. i want it on my site! tell me the URL please?

  10. To greenbuddy
    click the video and it will take you to the link

  11. tanks! 🙂 !

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