Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker



First off, the free stuff!-cove-marshmellow on a stick

I knew it! they made a marshmellow on a stick! I knew theyed make that 4 the party!


At the beach!

theres a bonfire. Click the wood on the side to make it bigger. It’s kinda creepy how the wood just floats in the air an drops into the fire.-cool glitch: stand right of the bonfire then click the light house door and you’ll walk on the fire


Lets check out the pizza parlor err… mess hall

mess hall

ermmm…. lets take a look inside


Awwwwww…. why do I have to do the dishes????????????


ermmmm…. I didn’t know I could walk on water. I’M A MIRACLE WORKER! :mrgreen:

walking on water

Hamburgers at the dock!


oh yeah and kickecon and sword56 I”m getting you the item right now

EVIL ROOMS 👿 (not decorated)



-ski lodge

-ski lodge attic

-sport shop

-Mine (outter)

-Mine (inner)


-boiler room




-Coffee shop

-Night club

-Gift shop

-Pet shop


3 Responses to “CRAZY CAMPING!”

  1. Yeah I know… ISNT THIS AWESOME!

  2. it isnt my favorite party… 😦 kindof stinks

  3. the marshmallow awesome

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