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a GREAT cp idea

I just emailed cp (support@clubpenguin.com) saying

“You know what would be AWESOME? If CP had a movie theater that you could enter through the map or something. And every month there would be a different movie to watch. HEY! that gives me an idea! Disney joined cp and disney makes movies so, there you go! Disney could make the movies for it! Or you could let players send in their own recordings and hope that it is picked!

Hope you take my idea!”

Cool huh?

Now I need everyone to send an email like that to support@clubpenguin.com to make them decide to take it!


7 Responses to “a GREAT cp idea”

  1. cool

  2. Good idea!

  3. I already had that idea and emailed cp about it.

  4. hmmmm…….that would be a cool idea BUT….if someone had a slow computer it would mess it up or something like would the movie start at a certain time or could you watch a movie individually like having options to pause rewind or fastforward

  5. I got music on my site!

  6. Never mind I deleted it because I was gettin’ tired of it lol. It’s weird how our sites met.

    I copied your pictures, then you yelled at me (not yelled, but yea) and I gave you copyright, then I went back on your site, and blah blah blah, and we got allied, and yeah. It’s sort of weird if you think about it (lol)

  7. I HAVE MUSIC 2!
    they probibly would play crapy disney movies!

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