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I”m back and rockhopper spotted!

I’m back and also I saw rockhopper! he still gives backrounds out here is a pic:


BTW I’m making some more pages that are about how to make animations and edit/make movies


7 Responses to “I”m back and rockhopper spotted!”

  1. Hey, can you come to my 100,000 hits party tomorrow? Thank You!

    Stay Undercover, 8)
    Cyclone999 a.k.a. Cyc9
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  2. cool

  3. i found him!!!!!!!! finally!!!!!!!!!!
    he was at parka at the ship hold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im very happy!!!!
    and im not quitting cp now!!!!!!!!=D

  4. I have a question. On my blog, I want to make a countdown clock to when Rockhopper opens the boxes. But I can’t find anywhere a place where I can make a countdown clock. If anyone reading this can tell me if I can make a countdown clock, I would appreciate it.

  5. what time did you look there and what server?

  6. cool your back how was your trip

  7. kewl,so did i!!!i saw him w00t

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