Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


wow I just realized we partied for an hour and a half.

Well it was WAAAYY! better than the one earlier today here are pics:
1. my iggy! welcoming all the guests!


2. hockey! that was fun!


3. we got tired from all that hockey and went to get pizza! Err. in this case, nachos lol!

4. this is where it got really fun we sat around the campfire roasting mrshmellos!


5. coffee shop! we drank coffee!


6. sled racing! I was ok at it I won some games and lost some


7.HQ we were agents!


8. the pool


9. dance club!

10. we had the first “penguin possie cp band” gig in my iggy


11. dojo this was fun! we were acting like ninjas!


12. we decided to camp out for a while! 😀


13. we danced on the piano! lol XD


14. find four! Agai I won some games and lost some games


15. even though the iceberg is untippable we decided to have an iceberg tipping party!


16. we went to the snow forts for a snowball fight! 🙂

snowball fight

17. we made a small line at the dock!


18. the end! We danced for a while

the ned

thanks to all penguins that attended my party! I’m sorry if you couldn’t make it, Can’t wait until we get 50,000 views and have a 50,000 views party!

I gtg now

I can wait for rockhopper to come on friday!


10 Responses to “THE AWESOME PARTY!”

  1. yay!!!!i cant w8 either!

    im finally in a screen shot!! lol

  2. i was in bout 8!!!

  3. that was a great prty!!!!! thnx!!!

  4. hey dude, in the coffee shop theres this guy named r2dpengon66 is he really you?
    R2DP: no

  5. I’m banned until Friday….I hate you hackers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, the party was a blast. I am in all da pics!!!!

  6. yo that rox im in almost every pic that party was awsome can u make another post to remind ppl that tomorrow is my party sp ppl can come plz thank u

  7. dude that party rocked!!! totally wicked! thx for putting me in some of them. and if you look at the dance club 1 youll see bunny ears that was me!!

  8. Nice party, dude, but what about the robbery of the pizza parlour (MY fAVOURITE)

  9. THAT PARTY WAS AWESOME! YAY! Iwas in the dancing piano pic and the ice berg! i was the pink one drilling! 😀

  10. It was awesome! Also at my website in the blog section, I have even more pics! Go check them out!

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