Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


Everyone expexts me to reply to their comment! It’s not easy! Then you guys get all worked up when I don’t reply! I get like what? 20 comments every 3 hours!  it’s not that easy to reply to EVERY ONE!


4 Responses to “stop”

  1. I don’t get all worked up! well mabe i do sometimes……rofl. SRRY SRRY SRRY SRRY SRRY SRRY SRRY

  2. i dont i dotn care if u dont it just doesnt matter to me.

  3. Talk about it. I can’t answer every comment I get either. (But I did when I first made my site.) :mrgreen:

  4. hey r2 i have a great idea i was wondering if i can be a editor of your site and moderate and repy to comments if people ask questions so just email me and on your dash board go to users and i might be a edidtor

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