Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

I”m staying up for rockhopper

I’ll be on rockyroad at 10:00 pst at the beach ready for rockhopper when he comes! the update cp at 10:00 so…


11 Responses to “I”m staying up for rockhopper”

  1. Dude for he appear you need to log off and log in
    R2DP: I know

  2. im staying up too ill be there r2dp

  3. Me too! The sign is when u lose connection 😀

  4. Lose connection at 10:00 PST.

  5. i might not make it sorry oh yeah remind em bout my party on sat.

  6. i’ll try to make it!! ooooh i hope i can

  7. ill be there as inphyne cause kickecon got banned for the day

  8. thats crazy man thats liek 1:00am my tiem so srry dude but i wont make it that long let me know if u meet him


  10. darn rkcy didntr come i was up 2

  11. rocky came about 20 minutes after 10:00pst

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