Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

party today!

Remember the party? Today’s the day! It’s at 3:00 PST (penguin standard time) in my iggy



9 Responses to “party today!”

  1. Yeah i remember and im the first

  2. Darn it , your making my translate it into EST…


  3. cool also how do you put a moving header on your site with a different theme other than regulas?

  4. some people meaning sjb and lemy
    were making fun of 14atlas so i kicked them out

  5. ohhhh man its too late, i cant make it


  6. dont worry i will be there! i think….

  7. if it was at like 1 pst i could come but its at 3pm which is really late for me so sorry i cant come

  8. yo where are u the party is in 30 mins

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