Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

thinking about a suggestion by miroos

on clubpenguinlosers he said something about he’s gonna make an army called “The crazy frog army of cp” where you annoy ppls and be crazy or something. Should we make something like that??

8 Responses to “thinking about a suggestion by miroos”

  1. i would reguarly say heck yes but we might get banned by those old dudes

  2. NO because well, it sort of is dumb.

  3. i know miroos

  4. Guys thats me
    If u want you can be generals i dont mind just come to my site

  5. Yeah it is kinda dum

  6. what old dudes?

  7. The only post with my name on it on this site 🙂
    Aah remember the good old days 😀

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