Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

partay! w00t w00t!

Almost 40,000 hits guys, you know what tha means! PARTAY! PARTAY! PARTAAAAAAAYY! I’m trowing a HUGE party, I was a lt smarter this time and instead of the full number (which would be 40,000) I wrote “40k” and “k” means thousand I wrote that in my iggy with light bulbs, (Tha gives me an idea, what if someon wrote a swear word on the wall with furniture, they’d get in big trouble! especially if it was during igloo contesting lol) so anyways, theres gonna be a party and this is the invitation



7 Responses to “partay! w00t w00t!”

  1. cool

  2. btw do you think you could add me to your blog role by chance?
    R2DP: kk

  3. awsome i cant wait to go ill probly be late or early chances are not on time

  4. c00l awsome!

  5. wat day is that i cant read it????

  6. r2dp can you move all your partys to 1:00 pst because ill miss your party then cause ive got ffotball then

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