Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

new header

I ade an animaion header. The animation thing made there belke a bunch of dots allaround it lol.OH fudge. I just noticed I forgot one of the pics in the animation. I’ll fix that ASAP and oh crap also, I forgot the ninjas on the first pic! Oh well

3 Responses to “new header”

  1. well actually those dots are called pixel.every little tiny dot forms into oart of what its supposed to be

  2. you should make an animation of all your friends of cp and put that as the header like this one page says lemywincks and then onother page sir jorge bo

  3. HEY! I got a new header. By the way SWEET HEADER! If you can make one for me (JK) but I like my new one! It’s like a information header! CHECK IT OUT!

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