Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

a little stressed

urgh I’m getting SOO many comments I can’t even keep up with the pixel puffles! I think I might shut pixels down sorry.


6 Responses to “a little stressed”

  1. no problem if u shut down the pixel puffles just i wanna meet u so go to the icedberg on mammoth now

  2. i know what you mean! every day, i have to moderate like 5 comments seriously no joke. its crazy +the font on my website looks wierd, can you fix that 4 me?
    R2DP: yeah, but I don’t know how to fix the font you might have to do somethig with custom CSS

  3. r2dp can you get me a widget please thank you

  4. yo i trust u a lot so if u email me than i can email u the password for my site dont mess my site up just all i want is the whos among us widget if u can explain it to me that would be great

  5. yo im rite next to u i am sword56 ask to be my buddy im next to u!!!!!!!!!

  6. thx

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