Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

pixel penguin!

I just downloaded pixel penguins (I might make a pixel penguin business like pixel “puffles” but penguins) They don’t have EVERY item so I had to do a little editing to make this one look like me, here it is:

my pixel


9 Responses to “pixel penguin!”

  1. yo that rox

  2. shweet

  3. nice dude

  4. hey dude can u get a hold of clubpenguin losers im willing to negotiate no apoligies just a treaty to end this “Post Wars” cause im really kinda anoyed with this. And yes even if it ahs to mean they win “Post Wars”

  5. ahs means has srry im still new to typing without looking at the keyboard

  6. hey, can you tell me what you downlaod please!
    lol, i need pp (pixel penguin)
    R2DP: try googling “pixel penguins download”

  7. hey i made a new site. its http://cpinfosite.wordpress.com

  8. go to http://www.agentwest.wordpress.com to post your site learn secrets and more!

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