Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


Macajim, hankpenguin (macajim’s brother), and tracerbullet (macajims other bro) are having trouble getting visitors to come to their sites. I was at macajims house today (in real life) and I promised I’d advertise so.. macaroni jim’s: http://macajim.wordpress.com it’s really cool and join the RPA! (rockin penguin army) hankpenguins: http://hankpenguin.wordpress.com it’s also really cool, and join the APA (amigo penguin army) and last but not least, tracerbullet: http://tracerbullet007.wordpress.com it’s also, awesome, and join the quesadillas club!

one again:

http://macajim.wordpress.com http://hankpenguin.wordpress.com http://tracerbullet007.wordpress.com


3 Responses to “advertising”

  1. cool site. can you add me to your blogroll? if you do i will add you

  2. hey r2dp just to remind u me and you share a site and you dont even put it on your blogroll soooo will you

    ,lemywincks out

  3. lol. nice vid.

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