Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


look! go to the HQ! m gonna start the mission right now!


Look there is a sign at the ski village


sledding is closed!

sled hill closed

I bet they are going to update sledding.

But there is one problem with the mission IT WONT LOAD!!!


wont load

it just stays like that!

You can go anywhere exept the gadget room

also, once again the myserious white fur pops up in this mission again, which is obviously gonna lead to a white colored puffle!


LOL since the thing won’t load, I’m just gonna wait for this thing to self destruck look at this lol


WANT… TO… POST.. EVERYTHING… but I can’t that would ruin the fun!


7 Responses to “NEW MISSION!”

  1. WHITE COLORED PUFFLE? How do you know, and I thought it was a polar bear, or Rockhopper’s grandpa’s beard!? 🙂
    R2DP: I just assumed

  2. I beat it! Visit my site for details on beating the mission!

  3. Oh, and after the mission I have to say that its back to normal!

  4. its not a puffle g says soo at the end when you rescue the penguins

  5. told you!!!

  6. lol. the mission wasn’t working 4 me at first either. they said there was a bug in the system.

  7. oh yeah the website play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf
    thats the website u get on 2 nub. then ppl click F11 or minize it i think, u should c a white space under the chat bar, click it and u should nub. not sure if it’s on the site already. lol probably is

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