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Laughs…By: The Joker

lemywincks birthday

Um lemy’s b-day was about 3 days ago and I forgot to post about it! crap! but lemy, If you want I can throw a party for you!


7 Responses to “lemywincks birthday”

  1. happy b day


  2. thancks everyone and i would appreitiate a party p.s. how did you know i was my b-day 3 days ago on august 3rd
    R2DP: you told me

  3. i am not coming if there is a party cause lemywincks was a complete jerk to me and I have proof on my website

  4. amm cpfanatic can u do me a huge favor i will help u a lot with ur site amm could u just plz like make a post about my 5000 hits party and leave a link to my site if u do i will put u on a great penguins list i am makin well even if u dont adbertise my part ull still be on the list so if u could adverstise my party id do anything

  5. when will be lemywinks Bday party cuz i will advertise for bandit and lemy on my site!

  6. happy belated b-day lemy

  7. thanks everyone

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